Privacy Policy


We appreciate your trust in Paribrita and our Privacy Policy is our way of expressing our gratitude.

Trust is all about transparency. We are eager to share our views about your personal information and privacy. We understand your concern in this virtual era.

•       Don’t worry. We always notify you before collecting your details. We do not feel shy to ask for it.

•       We believe in sharing the love. Not your information.

•       Cookies are for better user experience. So please allow us to serve few necessary cookies.

•       Our only objective is to keep you posted about Paribrita’s new collection and special deals. We hope you don’t mind!

•       We respect your consent and can remove your details on request.

•       We maintain a fair-deal in terms of your privacy and never cross the constitutional boundaries.

•       Don’t be alarmed. Your details are confidential and are entirely protected with us.

Stay with Paribrita. Stay with Tradition.