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Make A Fashion Statement with Instinctive Cotton Muslin Jamdani Sarees

Make A Fashion Statement with Instinctive Cotton Muslin Jamdani Sarees

Jamdani saree is a variety of woven cotton fabric that is the undisputed leader when it comes to the finest of muslin varieties. As the name Dhakai jamdani suggests, this has been one of the most artistic textiles created by the weavers from Bangladesh. The fabric for cotton muslin jamdani sarees are traditionally woven around the capital city Dhaka with the use of the brocade loom. These sarees are light as feather and carry a blend of Mughal patronage with ancient traditions of Hindu culture. cotton muslin jamdani is one of the finest and ancient forms of weaving that had its origin in Bengal. Light weight, intricate designs, and fine fabrics characterize these garments sold at all Bengal handloom sarees store.

Muslin Jamdani an Another Bengal Handloom Saree


White and Maroon Cotton Muslin Handloom Jamdani SareeA technique known as supplementary weft technique of weaving is used in the manufacture of jamdani sarees. Floral or figured motifs – the most common choices – are created using non-structural wefts in addition to the basic or standard weft that is used for holding the threads together in cotton muslin jamdani sarees. The standard or basic thread creates the fabric whereas the supplementary weft is used for creating the motif that usually comprises of thicker threads.

Firoja and Navy Blue Colored Cotton Muslin Jamdani Saree

Walk into any Bengal handloom sarees store you will come across jamdani patterns that are mostly of a floral, plant, or geometric design with their origins dating back thousands of years. Owing to the painstaking but exquisite methodology required and the time taken in producing one saree, Jamdani used to be one for the rich section of society, aristocrats, and royal families since they were beyond the affordable means of the common man. Today, one can buy jamdani sarees online at rates that few would argue are beyond their means. In fact, jamdani saree of the modern day is something of a fashion statement that is fast catching on among women of contemporary Bengali society.

There is a pure comforting ease associated with cotton muslin jamdani sarees. These can be exploited in everyday wear especially when it comes to the summer months. Bengal handloom sarees are a favorite during the popular national festivals such as baisakhi, lohri, Dussehra, Diwali, and holi. These sarees can also be worn to the workplace as a symbol of elegance and is often the preferred wear for school and college teachers, as well as the working women. Buy muslin jamdani sarees online from reputed dealers and you can rest assured that you won’t end up with a powerloom product being passed off as authentic handloom.

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