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Katan Silk with Nakshi Kantha – A Supreme Combination of Style and Tradition

Katan Silk with Nakshi Kantha – A Supreme Combination of Style and Tradition

Katan silk has had its presence in India’s history for centuries. The royals who ruled India loved the soft texture of the fabric. They made outfits using this pure silk and wore it with much élan. Since then, it has been one of the finest silk varieties available in India. Today, the Nakshi Kantha design saree made using Katan silk brings back the same magnanimity of yesteryears. This combination works as a perfect blend that allows one to reminisce the past. It further keeps alive the Indian tradition that we are so deeply rooted in.

Coming Together

Katan is a silk variant woven with the use of pure silk threads. The making of Katan Silk involves collectively twisting the thread-like strands. While the silk remains luxurious, it has good longevity too. Katan silk’s superiority allows it to highlight any work that is applied on it. Nakshi Kantha on the other hand is an age old art practiced dominantly in India. The hand-woven designs include flower prints, colourful patterns and artistic work.
This art of hand weaving has maintained its nature of quality and high demand. Katan silk with Nakshi Kantha work can be seen on the Indian sarees. The two traditions blend so well together creating a lavish look. This has helped create a niche for handwoven sarees in India. Even though hand weaving is prevalent through other saree types, it is this alliance that stands out the most.

A Unique Combination

Sarees are synonymous with Indian women. While there is a never-ending demand for sarees, women prefer authentic and conventional collections. Katan silk in this regard is a popular choice among Indian designers and manufacturers as it fits all kinds of women.
The pure katan silk with Nakshi Kantha work is in great demand today. The luxury and charisma attached to the fabric makes it further noticeable from the rest. To enhance the fabric, manufacturers incorporate the Nakshi Kantha patterns. The Nakshi Kantha design saree looks regal and captures every hand woven details beautifully. This trend has continued to rule in the saree industry, keeping the tradition and demand steady.

Capturing the Market

Today’s saree market is ever evolving. Katan silk is considered a very pure and lasting fabric. Nakshi Kantha on the other hand is a masterpiece in its own domain. Women of Bengal are especially fond of wearing these handwoven sarees as the art form has its roots in West Bengal. The sarees are preferred right from housewives to working women. However, due to its exclusive amalgamation, the sarees are sold across the country and has become the choice of many Indian women.

Growing Demand

During the wedding season, women prefer wearing this blend. Not only is it rich in look and feel, it adds required heaviness to the fabric. The kantha patterns work so beautifully on the fabric, it highlights the cloth and texture significantly. Celebrity designers and celebrities too have taken a liking for these sarees. Katan Silk is a favourite among designers for its flexible nature. Models can be seen wearing sarees in this fabric on runways. Similarly, the combination of the two has become a trendsetter in popular culture. Women don’t limit their purchase to a single saree. They value tradition as much as the artists and weavers involved, and are in line with the growing fashion too.

Tradition Meets Fashion

Kattan Silk with Nakshi Kantha is a fine combination. It brings out the purity of the cloth. The intricate details and long hours of weaving also meet shining results. The sarees beautify Indian women in all their glory. The sarees can be worn on any occasion and in different styles. While the fabric shows opulence, the work highlights art. Women wear these sarees to any occasion they wish. It goes well with today’s fashion and fits well when tradition is talked about. The prevalent saree designs include work with moon, flowers, wheel, sun, swastika etc. The designs are attuned to different religions and designers incorporate these motifs on the sarees. The lotus for example is a common and popular design pattern on the sarees. While it reflects peace and good energy, the sarees look extremely unique. This blend is further enhanced with the use of pure Katan silk.

Conclusion: –

One can therefore say that while Katan Silk reflects the in-demand style, Kantha stitch mirrors India’s hand weaving tradition. This combination is not only unique, but thoughtful. It shows how beautifully an Indian woman understands tradition, yet is modern and ready for change. Designers today are encouraging manufacturers to make these sarees which are not only suitable for every occasion, but majestic in their position. Such remarkable combinations go on to make Indian sarees ever-evolving. There is so much to look out for as Indian woman when it comes to a saree. There is a story in every weave and style in every drape.

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