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Great salute to Our Indian Weavers on Independence Day

Great salute to Our Indian Weavers on Independence Day

India is such a country which has always been known for its incredible handloom work, all over the world. Our country is represented by unity in diversity in every field and in clothing too. Every state is known for its own clothing style and cultural story behind those choices, are depicted by the weavers through hand-woven saris. These hand-woven saris are the astounding work of art which consumes a lot of man hours and labor. Then they turn out to be so beautiful to be embraced by women all over the world. These hand-woven saris depict the traditions of India and they have added more to the popularity of our country throughout the world. All credit goes to the weavers of our county who spend so much time working on a sari and make it outstanding in comfort, style, looks, texture, etc. Today we’ll know some of them and their contributions.

Meet to our Bengal Weavers and with their contribution

Puja Sarkar

A village girl of 22 years, completed her 12th grade (her family can’t afford the higher) lives at Habibpur in Nadia district of West Bengal. She is an inborn weaver. The involvement of Puja in the handloom weaving becomes a milestone for the upcoming young generation because the stage where Bengal handloom is standing today is the verge of declination as gen next is not interested to take it as career. After seeing her passion and determination, we can definitely say that she is an inspiring spirit for the young weaving generation.

Lakshmi Sarkar

Proud mother of Puja Sarkar, the lady is a brilliant Jamdani weaver she has brought up her children two as weavers who earn by weaving but has brought up one of her sons as an electrician who earns throughout the year and supports the family as the weavers do not get sufficient wages for the hard work which they do.

Madan Basak

Now we will talk about the strong man who has magic in his hands and creates master pieces, according to him what you can imagine he can do in jamdani, he is a skillful Jamdani weaver who works as a weaver till he has work in his hand but often comes to the town for working as mason under contract or as rickshaw puller, because weaving does not satisfy the needs for living.

Everyone says we directly work with weavers but we can say we are the weavers; we Puja, Lakshmi, Madan… we all are ‘Paribrita’. We would like to take the privilege of inviting you. Please come to our village and see who we are and what we do. Without your attention the art won’t survive.

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