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Get A Gorgeous Look in This Jamai Sasthi With Jamdani Sarees

Get A Gorgeous Look in This Jamai Sasthi With Jamdani Sarees

Think of festive season in Bengal and the first thing that will come to your mind is a pretty Bengali woman clad in a red-and-white saree. This is especially true if you are familiar with the image of a married Bengali woman during Durga Puja. Red-and-white sarees have always held a special place with the women of Bengal because of their serene sophistication and unparalleled charm.

This is especially true if the saree in question happens to be a jamdani saree. Married Bengali women looking for a traditional Bengal handloom saree swear by resham jamdani saree as the ideal product for perfecting their traditional look. So, if you are wondering what to include in your wardrobe for the upcoming festive season, try considering a collection of jamdani saree for jamai sasthi for a makeover.

What makes a Jamdani So Special?

A resham jamdani saree is feather-light to the touch and is made traditionally by handweaving technique. Initially these would be made of pure cotton but in recent times there has been a shift towards a blend of silk and cotton. The cotton sarees comprise beautiful floral or figure designs and motifs which add to their beautiful looks. The light nature of these saris makes them perfect for the humid Bengal climate. Since these sarees often get imported from Bangladesh, they are also popular as Dhakai Jamdani.

White Resham Jamdani SareeWhy Jamdani Has Been a Timeless Hit

The days when jamdani saree would be flaunted only by married women and the elderly are long gone. Today, a jamdani saree for jamai sasthi can be found in the wardrobe of every saree aficionado irrespective of the age. Young Bengali ladies and married women alike prefer this saree especially in the red-and-white make which is emblematic of the traditional Bengal handloom saree. Paired with chic jewelry and designer blouse, every lady will look beautiful in a traditional jamdani. There are a number of styles in which these sarees can be worn besides what is traditionally followed.

Buying a Jamdani

There are numerous color combinations and texture varieties to jamdani sarees. The sari can be bought from any shop in the city of Kolkata or be specially procured from Dhaka, Bangladesh for a higher price. Today one can also buy Jamdani saree online thanks to the emergence of shopping platforms and e-commerce sites. When you buy jamdani saree online you need to ensure that you have the perfect blouse that can be worn with the saree, else you will be required to order for the same as well.

What makes a Jamdani so Precious?

It is said that every Bengali lady considers her jamdani to be a very precious and prized possession. It is not uncommon to find them in possession of a variety of jamdani. The charm and comfort offered by a jamdani saree makes every woman look beautiful while keeping her traditional looks intact. A jamdani saree for jamai sasthi can also have its application beyond the festive season and in the wedding season. With numerous varieties and options to choose from, it is the yearning of every woman to possess an exquisite resham jamdani saree collection.

So, if you have not yet bought your first jamdani then go ahead and make the purchase before the festive season hits with the advent of jamai sasthi!

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