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Buy the Perfect Gift for Your Loving Mother in Law in This Jamai Sasthi

Buy the Perfect Gift for Your Loving Mother in Law in This Jamai Sasthi

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of traditional Indian attire? Saree is probably the one name that is likely to feature right at the top of the charts. Primarily a long piece of cloth usually left unstitched, a saree is typically 6 yards long and needs to be draped in a particular pattern. A land known for its unity in diversity, India is home to a number of different saree varieties that change across the states. Traditional Bengal handloom saree is easily the most popular choice of the lot with their fame being backed by a rich history and numerous stories to tell.

The traditional Bengali festival of Jamai Sasthi is not far off – a momentous day in most Bengali households that is reserved for a lot of pampering for the son-in-law. Chances are that like most women in this part of the world, your mother-in-law too enjoys wearing a saree. So what better gift for mother-in-law this Jamai Sasthi than a brand-new saree, preferably something from the exclusive Bengal festive collection? You need not spend hours of your busy time with her out in the crowded markets; buy saree online as per your convenience as a gift for new mother and brighten up her day this festive season.
On that note, here is a look at some of the best buy online handloom saree options at your disposal that you can scan through before taking your pick.


Tant is undoubtedly the most popular traditional Bengal handloom saree you can get your hands on! Made of light, airy cotton, this saree is perfect for everyday wear while also being a good fit on special occasions. Be it a hot September day or a summer evening, tant fabric is hard to beat. Narrow or wide strip borders carry gold or silver threadwork with embroidered aanchal but a plain body. Parts of Bangladesh and West Bengal are producers of the best quality of tant in the country.


Red Jamdani SareeIf you want to opt for a degree of opulence in your gift for mother-on-law then the Jamdani saree will fit your bill perfectly. Better known as Dhakai Jamdani owing to their origin from Dhaka city in undivided Bengal, this textile is characterized by a very fine weave and intricate threadwork that seemingly floats on the muslin fabric. Floral or plant deigns, or very fine geometry in grey and white thread usually graces the embroidery design. This is a light saree that can become difficult to manage when starched heavily.


An integral part of the Bengal festive collection making a tussar saree is an exhausting process. The laborious process of extracting the silk is what makes this product more expensive than otherwise when you buy online handloom saree as a gift for new mother. Once the larvae leave the silkworm cocoons, they are boiled to leave behind a fine fabric bearing a natural golden sheen. The more traditional makes carry a natural base in honey, tawny, beige, or white color with ornamental border and aanchal. Tussar saree is also dyed to give them a brighter color though the natural colors are usually the most prized possessions.

Kantha Stitch / Nakshi Kantha

Blue Nakshi Kantha SareeA characteristic embroidery pattern in Bengal, the kantha stitch style is characterized by a running thread pattern that can be used on a wide range of fabrics. The motifs vary as well from simple geometric shapes to animals, birds, flowers, and themes from everyday activities. The fabric takes on a slightly wrinkled look because of the running stitch pattern which is also responsible for the pulled-together look and characteristic style of this traditional saree.


As far as caring for the Bengali sarees is concerned, dry cleaning is advisable but you may need to wash it at home without starch in order to soften it up. These sarees should not be kept in plastic bags as they need to breathe for the fabric to remain long-lasting. Your mother will probably have a fair idea of the maintenance side of things so you can relax on that count and simply focus on where to buy saree online for the best product.

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