About Us

A Saree is not a mere regalia, it is the impeccable story-teller from the time immemorial. A saga of tradition, a sonnet of love, an intensity of gallantry, a Shloka of serenity and the compassion of Krishna is there in each of the creases of a Saree. 

From Draupadi to Kannagi, from Meera Bai to Rani of Jhansi- Saree has always remained the emblem of womanhood and purity.
We, in Paribrita, are dedicatedly unfolding those stories for you through the exquisite Handlooms of India. We reiterates the lore of the glorious era of fine weaving of this land of legends.  Our sarees are the berries of unsleeping nights of the weavers, weaved all night in an aloof hamlet to give you the premium drape. His eye-lids became hefty, eyes drooped in exhaustion but his hands never stopped. 

Paribrita is all about connecting those untold efforts with the Divas and Saree enthusiast. We weaves the song of those unsung artists who are up keeping the legacy of Bengal Handloom. With Paribrita, you can feel the magic of careful crafting and pristine smile of those dedicated artificers in each pleats of your Saree.